Heritage Languages

Ibergegossen Authenticity: Heritage and Language Learning

A personal reflection on six months or so of learning Yiddish, and how language learning can teach us a thing or two about authenticity and identity.

Queers Kvetching about Knishes in the Mame-Loshn

I’ve learnt a lot of languages in my time. Even at a young age, I had an aptitude for it. We spoke English at home, and my first foray into language learning was at age 4, when my parents enrolled me in a bilingual English-French playgroup. This might seem like the natural, patriotic thing to […]


            As Jews, we often operate in two overlapping, but distinct cultural realms. Growing up in Canada, my sisters and many of my friends had two names: an English one and a Hebrew one. I was lucky to have a name that worked in both languages, but those who did have two monikers were none […]

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