Heritage Languages

Ibergegossen Authenticity: Heritage and Language Learning

A personal reflection on six months or so of learning Yiddish, and how language learning can teach us a thing or two about authenticity and identity.

Queers Kvetching about Knishes in the Mame-Loshn

I’ve learnt a lot of languages in my time. Even at a young age, I had an aptitude for it. We spoke English at home, and my first foray into language learning was at age 4, when my parents enrolled me in a bilingual English-French playgroup. This might seem like the natural, patriotic thing to…


            As Jews, we often operate in two overlapping, but distinct cultural realms. Growing up in Canada, my sisters and many of my friends had two names: an English one and a Hebrew one. I was lucky to have a name that worked in both languages, but those who did have two monikers were none…

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