Kurdish Languages

Flipping pages: an Overview of Kurdish Periodical Culture

An look at the British Library’s Kurdish periodical collection, with a contextualization of the holdings, and copious links to help those interested find research about periodicals in the various Kurdish languages and dialects.

An Island of Literary Freedom: Kurdish Writers in Soviet Armenia

         In 2017, I wrote about the Kurdish-language children’s books published in Armenia during the Soviet period. While these publications are certainly noteworthy, they really only tell a part of the story of Kurdish book culture in Armenia. Within its context, the production of Kurdish-language printed materials in the Soviet Caucasus is a parable for…

On Kurdish Periodicals

I suppose that my first post should be a form of welcome, but I feel that getting down to business is perhaps a bit more in order. I’m taking this opportunity to share the work that an Intern that I had the great pleasure of working with, Shkow Sharif, put together regarding a mid-20th century…

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