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Two Sides of the Black Sea: Ukrainian Advocacy in the Ottoman Empire

On occasion, old books can have oddly prescient titles. Ukrayna, Rusya, Türkiye: Makaleler Mecmuası is one such book. I came across it during one of my usual cataloguing sweeps, and thought that I’d shelve it somewhere in my memory. And that’s where that knowledge has lived for the last few years. But since Russia invaded […]

The Sanzhyra: An Unabashedly Personal History

History is a funny thing. For starters, the word has many different connotations in English. It might be events and situations in the past. Or it could be the study of those happenings (but not the study of the study, that’s historiography). And, of course, it has colloquial uses too: “We’ve got history” speaks to […]

On Vampires, Ghouls and Witches

As a child, I liked to believe that I had a particular connection to the Dracula myth. My grandmother was from a town called Tusnád, now Tușnad, Harghita Prefecture, Romania. It lies about 70 km north from Brașov (called Brasó in Hungarian), and 100 km from Castelul Bran, erstwhile castle of the now infamous Vlad […]

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